The Gateway to America's Longest, Wickedest, Main Street


 The Colfax Museum is a History Museum dedicated to Schuyler Colfax and Colfax Avenue: the Longest, Wickedest Main Street in America which bears his name, running through Golden, Lakewood, Denver, Aurora, Strasburg, and Bennett, Colorado. The Colfax Museum provides an enlightening education regarding the rich history along the legendary strip and showcases an extensive collection of one-of-a-kind Colfax items and curiosities.

Jonny Barber started in 2004, and began collecting Colfax stories and artifacts off the street from closing businesses — a street sign here, an awning there — until he had enough to open a museum in November 2017. The museum first got its' start at Ed Moore Florist, all thanks to owner Lydia Mary. From there the museum moved West to find a home inside the Pasternack's Art Hub in the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, Colorado.


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Due to a flood through our building, we are currently looking for a new, safer home back in Denver.



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Consider donating to The Colfax Museum to keep this gateway to America's longest highway alive and lit up like neon lights.

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If you'd like to contribute to The Colfax Museum by donating pieces of history – postcards, shirts, signs, photos, and anything else you can think of – please contact us via our Contact page.

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